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Mahadeva Temple : At Itagi in the Koppal district was built in 1112 CE. Soapstone was found in abundance in this regions.The first temple to be built from this material was the Amrtesvara Temple in Annigeri in the Dharwad district in 1050 CE. This building was to be the prototype for later, more articulated structures such as the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi.


               The temple was built in by mahadeva, a General (Dandanayaka) of the Western Chalukya king Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI and praises the temple as 'Devalaya Chakravarti'. This temple can be said to be one of the best in the country both in magnificence of its architectural style and luxuriant decorative detail.The temple, which faces east consists of a shrine with an ante-chamber,and a closed hall.


                There is also a pillared hall which is supported by 68 pillars, out of these 26 are large ones standing on the floor and forming the main support for the roof. The remaining, which are shorter, stand on the stone bench surrounding the hall. The large columns are of different designs, but are arranged symmetrically with regard to the shape and pattern of each. The four central ones, very rich in design, have angular carvings. The Mahadeva temple at Itagi dedicated to Shiva is among the larger temples built by the Western Chalukyas and perhaps the most famous. Inscriptions hail it as the 'Emperor among temples'. Here, the main temple, the sanctum of which has a linga, is surrounded by thirteen minor shrines, each with its own linga. The temple has two other shrines, dedicated to Murthinarayana and Chandraleshwari, parents of Mahadeva. 

Kukanoor:          In Yelburga taluk, Kukanoor is a small town lying seven miles due north of Bannikoppa station on the Guntakal-Hubli railway line. The town, though now small, was an important place in the early and medivial days.The group of temples that represents the early Chalukyan school is called the Navalinga group. The folklore speaks of this place as the legendary Kuntalapura of Mahabharata period.Two other important temples are those of Kalleshvara and Mallikarjuna. The Kalleshwara temple is a fine example of the Chalukyan style and is in good condition. The original form of the Mallikarjuna temple, however, is not clear the shrine and the mantapa also have been altered and built over in recent years. The Kalleshwara temple contains one Kannada inscription 

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